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Online muslem dating site

These days, living in a narcissistic society, most people shrug about these matters.If someone is “very important” it doesn’t matter what they do in their personal lives and some believe that they are above reproach because of their extraordinary success.Some narcissists go on to produce children with two three or even four other partners.It doesn’t matter as long as he is getting the adulation, praise, adoration that he needs and maintaining the power and money that he holds on to and that defines him/her as a person.Narcissistic men and women cannot sustain authentic relationships in marriages or as parents.

There is no motivation to become different since the narcissist believes that he is perfect and every one else falls short.

Study the narcissistic personality in-depth so you don’t get caught up in a partnership or marriage to one of these individuals.

They have no shame about their reprehensible, destructive behaviors.

If they have power in the world and are venerated publicly as high level executives, part of the entertainment and social elite, they get away with it.

If the narcissist has a loyal professional and social following, a source of constant narcissistic supply, excuses will always be made for him/her despite the abominable behavior toward spouse and children.

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After causing horrific trauma to a wife or husband and children who have been abandoned, he moves on to re-invent himself and re-burnish his image.