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Online youth bible study lessons on dating

includes eight youth Bible study lessons on how we got the Bible and know it's true, how it's organized, and how to study the Bible.

Truth is an essential for youth to understand in our day and age.

This is a crucial time to continue planting those seeds of God's Word into their lives.

Youth ministry is vital to our homes, our churches and our world! Sometimes the "distractions" of the world may seem more desirable, but they're NOT!

They are ready for more than simple Bible stories, but maybe not ready for some other mature topical youth Bible study lessons that may be taught in actual Youth Group. Here are four great lessons designed just for this age group and address who they are in Chris shares 5 Faith Skills every believer needs to develop to know Christ and also to live for Him and share His love.

These are young people who find themselves between the "little kid stage," but not actually old enough to move up into the youth group.The Psalmist says, "How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! Honey has a pure, natural sweetness that artificial sweeteners can't counterfeit. Nothing can replace the pure sweetness it can bring into our lives. Whether you are a teen yourself or someone that works with teens, check out these free resources at Dare2Share.They offer "Soul Fuel" - free youth Bible study lessons that answer key questions of the Christian faith.Still another way to capture our youths' interest while planting seeds of faith in their hearts is to use from Group Publishing called "Grappling with Guidance" that teaches how important it is for us to follow God's guidance.Youth Bible study lessons are essential - not only in our churches, but also our homes.

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