Players dating cheerleaders drinking water before dating scan

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That would suggest that he and Kostek were not yet an item — or that Kostek has an open mind about the relationship.Gronkowski had dropped hints that Kostek might be his type.Rob Gronkowski is off the market, with reports that the star NFL player is dating someone with a very close connection to the New England Patriots.The All-Pro tight end has been linked to Camille Kostek, who was on the team’s cheerleading squad in 20.In an interview on the last month, he described his ideal woman and listed a lot of Kostek’s characteristic.

It’s not clear how long Kostek and Rob Gronkowski have been dating.Back in February, the tight end was seen hitting on a Florida reporter who asked about his plans for Valentine’s Day.While it’s not clear whether Kostek lets Gronk do “whatever I want,” she clearly has some big ambitions.Last month, Kostek announced on her Instagram page that she was leaving the cheerleading squad in order to follow her dreams of becoming a television reporter.“I want to wish all of my teammates and the new young women going out for the squad the best of luck as they announce the new team today!

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