Policy on accommodating disabilities of employees love christian dating

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Policy on accommodating disabilities of employees

Commission policies and guidelines reflect the Commission's interpretation of certain sections of the ) as well as the Commission's interpretation of relevant case law.

Case law includes legal decisions made by human rights tribunals and the courts.

Accommodation means making changes to certain rules, standards, policies, workplace cultures and physical environments to ensure that they don't have a negative effect on a person because of the person's mental or physical disability, religion, gender or any other protected ground.

The goal of accommodation is to enable equitable participation in any of the areas protected by the protects Albertans in the area of equal pay.

Questions about the duty to accommodate employees Physical disability Mental disability Gender Religious beliefs The Grismer case helps service providers determine if policies and standards are reasonable and justifiable The duty to accommodate Reasonable and justifiable contravention Evaluation of "reasonable and justifiable" Conclusion Related resources Contact us This publication discusses Alberta Human Rights Commission policies and guidelines.As the case law evolves, so do the Commission's policies and guidelines.Commission policies and guidelines: The information in this publication was current at the time of publication.If you have questions related to Commission policies and guidelines, please contact the Commission.Introduction This interpretive bulletin provides information for people who: The situations described in this bulletin are examples only.

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When employees of any sex -female, male or transgender-do the same or substantially similar work, they must be paid at the same rate.)Accommodation is a way to balance the diverse needs of individuals and groups with the needs of organizations and businesses in our society.

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