Polyamorous dating austin dating a married woman going through a divorce

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Polyamorous dating austin

Well, as those people who are actually and successfully practicing a polyamory lifestyle do. And not dating very successfully because they keep ENDING. I mean, how horrifying to be judged for preferring to fuck (or be fucked by) another species over humans, right? Mostly, though, I’ve met players and boys masquerading as men, and some monsters masquerading as humans. A group of open, honest, trusting women who like sex (and are open about that). Most people who love to call themselves (and hide behind) “poly” are really fucking focused on quantity rather than Hmmm…I CAN have more than one girlfriend/lover/SO…so I’m going to have three! That’s where I’ve been going wrong for the past 15 years! Or, the other kind I’ve found are people who are players, predators, sex addicts, or people who have such “taboo kinks,” they have slipped past “kinks” into sexual perversions, like incest and animals. Or wanting to fuck your 15-yr-old sister or your long lost birth mother. There’s nothing wrong with your behavior or desires. /sarcasm I’ll get more into this on my Blinders of Sex Positivity post in a few weeks. The polyamorous community certainly attracts the predators. It’s a fucking feeding frenzy for parasites, narcissists, psychopaths, and other such predators. I just wonder how many other women’s lives will be shattered and how many others will be assaulted before they catch on to his game. Also in the Austin Poly Community are several truly polyamorous families. I guess the anger portion of the grieving has set in.

The polypod, from what I’ve seen (and I’ve only seen them from a distance), as well as the few other multi-relationship groups who I know a little better and I’d consider friends, are doing it well. Any encounter we had outside our marriage during those first few years were very open and the intentions on both sides were very, very clear. Because, after all, it’s about MORE LOVE…not more sex. The most successful polyamorous relationships I’ve seen focus much more on the “amorous” part of the word, less on the “poly” part. When we moved into practicing polyamory, that is, seeking out another committed, loving relationship, I learned that not everyone has the same definition of polyamory as we do. And the few times you need to fulfill that biological need with someone different, then be honest about that. Minimize and handle inevitable conflicts (HELLO AGAIN! Once you meet someone you think you can form a deeper relationship with, close off dating others. Jealousies (and yes, they don’t magically disappear when you label yourself polyamorous). Give yourself time to learn about, develop, and nurture this other love. It’s about ensuring that everyone you love FEELS loved, not ignored or pushed to the side or replaced. It’s a recipe for disaster and heartache on many levels. Do you really think my marriage could’ve survived (let alone thrived and gotten stronger) if it hadn’t been quite literally unshakable? When you are a perfect partner, you’ll find your fairy tale perfect love.

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This is not a race to see who can have the biggest harem. Romantic relationships contain drama (how I’ve come to loathe that word). But always remember, finding another significant other isn’t about finding someone BETTER, it’s about increasing the love and the desire among your own little polypod. If you don’t have time/energy/capacity to manage, maintain, nurture, and grow one or two relationships, plus your job, plus your kids, plus time for yourself and your friends – WHY DO YOU WANT ANOTHER? If you find yourself saying “I want to be able to do what I want when I want without responsibility or accountability,” then you’re not poly. The last two years have been difficult, as you all have seen from reading this blog, especially the past few months.

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