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This falcon cam is located in the Mississippi Valley.

Peregrine Falcons can reach flying speeds of up to 200 mph and are renowned for their hunting prowess.

They catch their prey by conducting incredible swooping dives from above, often striking their target by surprise.

Falcon breeding habits Falcons sometimes mate for life, and courtship involves mid-air battles between both sexes.

Although falcons prefer open spaces near coastlines, they can thrive in environments like the desert and tundra.

Once a breeding area is established, falcons defend the immediate area from other birds of prey.Most falcons do not construct traditional bird nests, but rather a simple “scrape”, or a shallow depression just deep enough to keep the eggs from rolling out.Falconry, the use of falcons by humans for hunting small mammals and other birds, is believed to have originated in Mesopotamia over 4,000 years ago, and continues to be a popular sport in the Middle East.Falcons feed mostly on birds, favoring pigeons and ducks, but also eat songbirds, gulls, geese and shorebirds.Falcon scrapes are usually found on the sides of massive cliffs, hollow trees, building roofs and even on the ground in elevated areas.

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They are also known to steal the nests of other large birds.