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Make sure that no payments for domain registration or web hosting can be traced back to you.If you want to run the anonymous offshore website yourself, pay the annual fees by an untraceable method, such as Western Union, Moneygram, Netpay, Bitcoin or other methods.Set up a website using that URL on an offshore server that is completely out of Australian jurisdiction - again China and Russia are suitable.There are various overseas web hosting companies that offer anonymous hosting of websites and refuse to reveal who operates them and refuse to take them down, as court orders from Australia are meaningless and unenforceable to them.

In 2011, Melbourne broadcaster Derryn Hinch was sentenced to five months strict home detention for having the temerity to publicly name a scumbag paedophile and warn the general public about him.In 2013, Hinch was again punished with a 0,000 fine for breaching a suppression order in regard to the scumbag who murdered beautiful TV presenter Jill Meagher.If you are worried about doing this yourself, get an overseas friend immune to Australian jurisdiction to register it for you.But there are also offshore companies that offer completely anonymous domain registration, so that anybody seeking to find out the owners of domains is completely stymied.However, Hinch could have done all that without risking any prosecution, especially these days with the power of the Internet at his disposal.

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For Hinch and anybody else who wants to avoid risking imprisonment for violating court suppression orders and naming paedophiles, criminals or anybody else, there is a way to do this.

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