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Second base third base dating

July 19, 2016: The Graphs page has been redesigned to use interactive features like moving/scaling the image or zooming on a specific time interval. When referencing the GISTEMP data provided here, please cite both this webpage and also our most recent scholarly publication about the data.

A related Plotter page may be used to graphically display individual columns of the table data, overlaid by an adjustable smoothing to examine the medium- and long-term trends. + GISTEMP Team, 2016: , 48, RG4004, doi:10.1029/2010RG000345.

See the article index for a list of NASA news and features related to the GISTEMP analysis. The basic GISS temperature analysis scheme was defined in the late 1970s by James Hansen when a method of estimating global temperature change was needed for comparison with one-dimensional global climate models.

The analysis method was fully documented in Hansen and Lebedeff (1987), including quantitative estimates of the error in annual and 5-year mean temperature change.

This was done by sampling at station locations a spatially complete data set of a long run of a global climate model, which was shown to have realistic spatial and temporal variability.

This however only addresses the error due to incomplete spatial coverage of measurements.

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As there are other potential sources of error, such as urban warming near meteorological stations, many other methods have been used to verify the approximate magnitude of inferred global warming.