Sexy club for dating

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Sexy club for dating

No need to be annoyed, the sexy girls outnumber the guys about 5 to 1, means enough are around and a big choice.and also Indian and Chinese looking ones check the nightlife scene in Yangon's Chinatown.

From time to time even some western come in if you want to have it real hot better try Thailand.Here they do some fashion show modeling and karaoke, all is focused to entertain the men, which is natural because this is the reason why they come here and pay for it.This are very interesting places, because the girls are quite nice and wont give all kind of problems all the time. In comparison with the internet dating services, on location dating, maybe in Yangon, you see it in real and no major problems, in the nightclubs and discos in Yangon and elsewhere hardly lady will passing by without a second glance.You wont being alone -if you like- or having to settle for ugly or average looking women.They all show fashion shows after around 8 PM, beautiful young women are around seeking to have some fun.

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Along that road in Yangon Chinatown is the ambassador building with a nice roof garden and the zero zone "rock restaurant", its on the rooftop.

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