Singer featherweight sewing machine dating

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Singer featherweight sewing machine dating

Do you ever wonder how and when to clean your sewing machine? If you haven’t cleaned your machine in awhile you might be shocked. Some are buried deep and need to be pulled out with the longer tweezers. Use the small brush and tweezers to clean out all that gunk. I like to take this out and clean both it and the area around it off. I was shocked at all these dust bunnies the 1st time I did this. Now it’s time to refer to your mental snapshot and put everything back together.

If the answer is a big fat NO than now is the time! This tutorial will be a guideline since there are so many different make and model machines on the market today. Slide the needle plate cover towards you to remove. Before you carefully remove the bobbin case, take a mental snapshot. Trust me, if you’ve never done this before you will thank me later.) Quick Tip- My manual suggests running a vacuum brush over it but I’ve never tried. The tricky part on my machine is the bobbin basket.

Once everything is back together, let’s get her looking good by taking it one step further and wipe down the surface.

I like to do it with a soft cloth dipped in a neutral detergent. The whole process should only take 4 to 5 minutes total.

That’s right, sometimes they need a little preventive medicine to keep things in working order.

Refer to your sewing manual for tips on your machine.

To keep your machine in top working order, let’s start fresh and grab a new needle.

The amount of dust and fibers that accumulate under that little cover is crazy!! Tools: Here is how I clean my sewing machine: Start by gathering your tools and turing off your machine. I start by making sure the needle is in the “UP” position and turn off the machine. There is a small green dot that needs to be lined up at the center.

Grab that small brush and those tweezers and start cleaning away. Grab that disc shape screwdriver and unscrew the needle plate.

Be sure to squeeze it out firmly before wiping down the exterior surface. It is best to clean out your sewing machine after every big project to keep everything in working order. I believe that this step is best left to the professionals.

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Actually, I recommend getting your friend a yearly check up.

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