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There are two of these sites that cater for Welsh people that I know about.

Any person with a searing, traumatic memory of being scared half to death by a clown as a child can attest to that. Which for something so specific seems like a lot, but this is the Internet. Like many dating websites, Clown Dating also seems to be very interested in up-selling me to status.

What may surprise you is that the opposite impulse exist: coulrophilia, a love of and even a lust for clowns. That’s what I need to do in order to live chat with any of the people who’ve sent me a message. Though at least there appear to be people there, which is a lot more promising than the wasteland of Clown Passions.

Come Online Dating in Wales as many of these Welsh singles live near you and are looking for a Welsh girlfriend or boyfriend too!

You could soon be enjoying your cwtch and cwtsh moments together with your Welsh lover via this Wales Matchmaking Service.

They are very similar, but this is slightly cheaper.

Taking the six month option works out better value than two times three month option.

This popular Internet Dating in Wales site is very successful and it may lead to something special long term for you.

I think it’s possible to deduce from this that quite a few people on Clown Dating have been lost in translation and are seeing it, in their second language, as just a particularly jaunty dating site for extremely happy people and they quite possibly have no romantic interest in clowns.

And there are websites out there to cater to coulrophiliacs. Clown Dating is also part of a larger niche set of sites, these based in the UK, under the name Luscious Liaisons.

In which case my questions would seem quite bizarre and I wouldn’t reply to me either.

This is not strictly a Wales Dating Agency in Wales, but register at what some say is the best free Wales dating site and you will quickly find a Welsh woman or man who will suit you.

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You won’t find coulrophobia–the fear of clowns–in the official guide to human diseases but that doesn’t mean it isn’t very real. I forge on in the hope of finding one person in their clown getup, or at least one person who wants to progress beyond “flirting” on the site, which can take the form of winking, sending a card, giving a thumbs up, marking you a favorite or asking for more information about you, which I provide.