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My hair dryer cautions me against using it while taking a bath. While these examples may seem straight forward to the average Jane, let me be clear.These warnings exist because someone has already done this. This can intimidate him and you will come across as a gold digger. Warning: Men, don't grab the women and don't push for a second date.

Warning: Women, wear a foundation that matches your natural skin tone. Check back next week and I'll tell you how it went.Men can tell when your neck is a different colour than your face. I've often wondered about some of the warnings we receive in life.These warnings exist because someone has already done this.Having attempted and failed at finding a decent date, I decided to sign up for speed dating.Having attempted and failed at finding a decent date, I decided to sign up for speed dating. If you're going to wear high heels, make sure you don't have a lot of walking to do. I realized too late that if I cancelled, I'd forfeit my entire pre-paid fee. What I envisioned being a group of professionals was quickly turning into a room full of grabby men, and women wearing track pants with scary clown make-up.

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What better way to spend a Friday night than with a group of singles, and partake in eight dates rather than just one? You want to focus on your dates, not your sore feet. What do the warning labels of speed dating teach us?

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