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Private sector employmentinsurance companies, hospitals and health care companies, businesses, environmental sciences, etc.

all need people who can create studies and perform quantitative data analysis. AND the only way to truly learn a language is by PRACTICING and DOING!!!

However, many other scientists, philosophers, and religious believers argue science and religion are necessarily inconsistent with each other and thus are opposed to one another.

If my theory is that all polar bears are white because evolution has helped them evolved to blend in with the artic surroundings, then I can test that theory be going out and observing polar bears and viewing their color, to see whether each bear is white or not.

But there is no empirical (scientific) way to measure and answer this question either way, so belief either way that God exists or does not exist might be correct, but either belief is not scientific because it is not falsifiable either way!Many scientists, theologians, and philosophers argue that empiricism is only ONE of the SEVERAL different ways knowledge might be obtainedi.e.empiricism, rationalism, and mysticism are NOT necessarily opposed to one another or inconsistent with one another.BUT this is a DIFFICULT course to teach and to learntheres a LOT of new terminologyso much so that its almost like learning another language . This tension between philosophy, science and religion continued through the 1400s and 1500s when the European Enlightenment emphasized the concept that both rational thought and science was separate from religion.So a true skeptic believes mysticism, rationalism, and empiricism are all pointless efforts at obtaining knowledge, since theres no way we can be certain of anything nomatter the manner in which we obtain that knowledge. try to reason if I have brought a beach ball into the room next to your classroom--you have no idea whether what you think is true is really true unless you can test it somehow (such as by looking in the room).

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An astrologer, palm reader, or tarot card reader can always give a vague, ambiguous prediction about a persons future, and then always find some event that arguably fits that prediction; hence, the prediction was not falsifiable, and hence it is not a scientific theory.

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