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Sport dating agency

The Undateables, a BAFTA-nominated series now in its fifth run, is a reality show chronicling the lives of single people with disabilities and learning difficulties looking for love. Daniel has taken part in three episodes, become its unlikely star and a poster boy for autism. I don’t think a day goes by when someone doesn’t ask for a photo or autograph.His unwaveringly happy outlook, earnest pursuit of love and one-liners (“Well look who she is! ” and, when asked by one girl what their future held, “We might go to Eastbourne, if you want to”) have spawned a dedicated online fan base and drawn comparisons even with One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles. “Three years ago Daniel would have walked down the street, spoken differently, and people would have looked at him strangely.

’ And the girls say they wish their boyfriends were more like him.

Carol admits she had reservations about her son appearing on the show, now watched by three million. “I just thought, ‘you’ve got the problem, nobody else,’” says Carol.

“Some people didn’t want him at their children’s parties because he is not the same as other children. She and Daniel’s father Barry, 66, a support worker, who have been married for 33 years, had largely given up hope that their son might find love, happiness and a relationship as strong as theirs, something he had told them was his dream. His first song – entitled The Black of Lonely – described the melancholy of being alone.

For a mother, the lyrics cannot have been easy listening.

As Carol relays their story, Daniel sits patiently opposite her, sipping a Coke.

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Seeing the two together, her words are tricky to believe. A gentle 6ft 4in presence with a tumbling head of hair and wide blue eyes, he maintains eye contact, unabashed. This is down to two factors: the Channel 4 show The Undateables and Carol’s decision to start a dating agency for those who, like Daniel, suffer learning difficulties.

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