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His teachers at the Academy included Thomas Anshutz, James Kelly and Thomas Hovenden.

Anshutz maintained the teaching methods of Thomas Eakins, which focused on an intense study of the nude as well as on human anatomy.

He was one of the first painters to move to the area, and is sometimes considered a co-founder of the artist colony at New Hope along with William Langson Lathrop, who arrived in the same year.Redfield would be considered the leader of a group of landscape painters who settled near the Delaware River, north of the Pennsylvania town of New Hope.Edward Willis Redfield (December 18, 1869 – October 19, 1965) was an American Impressionist landscape painter and member of the art colony at New Hope, Pennsylvania.He is best known today for his impressionist scenes of the New Hope area, often depicting the snow-covered countryside.He also spent his summers on Booth Bay Harbor, Maine, where he interpreted the local coastline. Redfield was born in 1869 in Bridgeville, Delaware.

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He showed artistic talent at an early age, and from 1887 to 1889 studied painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia.