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Ticks are found close to the ground and cannot jump or fly.They are attracted to human body heat and the carbon dioxide we exhale.A record high of 1100 cases was reported in 2012 and Lyme disease is already being reported for 2013.Lyme disease is most common in school-age children, middle-aged adults and adults over age 65.In Maine it is caused by the bacteria and transmitted through a deer tick bite.

The prevalence of Lyme disease in Maine is 8 times greater than the national average and last month the Maine CDC released a state-wide health advisory to alert the public about this health concern.Deer ticks are found on white-tailed deer and white-footed mice.Pam Koenig, FNP Publish Date: Fri, Jun 14th, 2013 Hooray!Spring has finally arrived and the warm sunny days entice us outdoors to garden, hike, fish, camp, play sports and relax on a hammock.Nymphs and adult females carry the bacteria that cause Lyme disease and typically bite humans when temperatures are above freezing.

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