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Updating drm components

WMDRM includes the following components: as an RC4 key to decrypt the licensed media stream.As an anti-spoofing measure, additional fields such as playback rights and a random number are encrypted with three more predefined ECC key pairs either by the client or server software: An analysis of version 2 of the DRM scheme in Windows Media Audio revealed that it was using a combination of elliptic curve cryptography key exchange, the DES block cipher, a custom block cipher dubbed Multi Swap (for MACs only), the RC4 stream cipher, and the SHA-1 hashing function.

Earlier versions of the system have cracks available, meaning content restricted with these versions can have the protections stripped.

Version 10 was cracked in early 2005, but a software update was shortly pushed which sealed the relevant hole.

The result is that while the scheme has been cracked several times, it has usually not remained cracked for long.

Version 1 was released in April 1999 and supported basic business rules such as expiration dates.

These conditions state the playback limitations, copying permissions and portable device syncing rights.

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