Updating gridview programatically

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Updating gridview programatically

Allow Paging = False Dim str Head Back As String = "#ffcb00" Dim str Pager Back As String = "#009ddb" Dim str Fore Color As String = "#000000" .

Add(Edit Button) Dim Voided As New Check Box Field Voided.

Buttons, Text Boxes, Labels, Drop Down Lists, even Sql Data Sources can be created using a few simple lines of code.

Adding a print Button can be this simple: The instructions for adding simple controls such as these can be easily found on MSDN and many other sites.

Unfortunately, instructions for building a complex Grid View were nowhere to be found. Adding a Grid View control is generally much more complicated than this, and also requires many more attributes.

Each column must be declared and added to the Grid View prior to the Grid View itself being added to the Form / Panel / Placeholder, etc.

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Add(Example Date) Dim Short Column As New Bound Field Short Column.

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