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Updating tomtom one xl

There must be a way - please help a newbie little ozzie guy. Yes there is a way I have a One XL version: 1 I had the same maps as yours when I first got it.

The first thing you'll need is a new SD card, Just a small one 256MB will do.

( I did read somewere that you shouldn't use anything bigger then 2GB in our version) Then you can keep your original SD card just in case you need it.

Let me know when your ready for the next step Yes there is a way I have a One XL version: 1 I had the same maps as yours when I first got it.

8, Now Start the Keygen4.1 9, Now the keygens running click the "Make Map Keys" 10, Then click "Make DCT's" Don't worry about the "Truck corrupted meta" error that comes up. 11, Click "OK" when thats finished 12, wait a min till you see the tomtom's not doing anything then exit the keygen.

4, Go to my Computer and you should see your tomtom SD card, You need to right click on it and format it (Quick format will do) 5, Now Copy and Past the new Navcore files onto the tomtom SD Card.

6, Copy and Past the "Au2661" map folder to tomtom SD Card 7, If you got the "Speed Camera's" copy the 2 files from in the folder into the map folder (Au2661) on your tomtom.

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Jay Darrington has been a professional writer since 2006, specializing in technology.He has published on several online blogs, including i Tech24, i Phoneland and Tech101.Tom Tom recommends that you update your One XL GPS receiver frequently to ensure that you have up-to-date information about streets, speed limits and points of interest.The Tom Tom One XL includes a limited period of free map and application updates, which allows you to stay current on road information when you are on the go.Let me know when your ready for the next step Ok I have uploaded the Navcore for you I had to change the default Language on it to English to save you a bit of time stuffing around, hope you like yoda lol Unrar all your dowloaded goodies 1, Put New SD Card in your Tom Tom.

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2, Plug the tomtom into your USB cable and connect it to the PC (don't start tomtom Home) 3, Start up the tomtom, on the tomtom screen select yes.

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