Washington state dating laws dating intimate uk

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Washington state dating laws

As discussed above, community property laws do not directly apply in same-sex relationships, but the court is permitted to use them for guidance in determining how to divide “community-like” property when a meretricious relationship ends.Unlike in a dissolution of marriage case, however, the court cannot divide any separate property of the parties when a meretricious relationship ends; it is only permitted to divide “community-like” property and debt.Ending a long-term relationship is a difficult process whether the partners are married or not.Whether you are entering into a new relationship or your relationship has come to an end, your attorney can help protect your financial future.A meretricious relationship is defined as “a stable, marital-like relationship where both parties cohabit with knowledge that a lawful marriage between them does not exist.” In order to determine if a relationship was “marital-like,” the Washington Supreme Court held in the case of In re the Marriage of Pennington that the court will examine five distinct factors: By way of example, the court would likely find that a meretricious relationship exists where the parties decided to reside together for many years in a monogamous relationship, where they shared their incomes and expenses, and where they acquired property together during their relationship.It would not likely find that a meretricious relationship exists where the parties were dating other people, living separately, and not sharing their financial affairs.

Answer: Not every relationship is a meretricious relationship.Although community property laws do not directly apply to meretricious relationships, the court is permitted to refer to community property laws to help it make the just and equitable division of any “community-like” property that the parties acquired during their relationship. The basic precepts of community property law are simple: All property and debt acquired during a marriage in Washington is presumed to be community property and debt and will be equitably divided between the parties by the court if the marriage ends.Additionally, each party’s separate property is before the court for allocation to ensure that both parties receive a fair settlement after a divorce.Answer: If the court determines that a meretricious relationship existed, it will evaluate the interest each party has in the property acquired during the relationship and then make a just and equitable distribution of that property.In dividing the property, the court will turn to community property laws for guidance.

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Your attorney can help you characterize your property as separate or “community-like.” Answer: There is no legal authority for a court to order one partner to pay maintenance to the other after a meretricious relationship dissolves.

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