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It’s not unusual for celebrity couples to meet on the set of movies and television shows, or to even get introduced by their famous mutual friends.But while You Tube has definitely exploded in popularity over the last few years, not many people think of YT pairs who met because of the site when they think of celebrity couples.Many fans began to speculate that Zalfie was a thing, but the You Tubers didn't confirm their romantic relationship until August 2013, when their friend Jim Chapman accidentally outed them by showing a photo of them smooching in one of his vlogs — OOPS!But even though the start to their romance was a bit ~unique~ Zoe and Alfie have now been dating for almost three years, live together in England, and have an adorable little puppy named Nala.

But even though they frequently collaborated together on each other's channels, they mutually decided to call it quits in June 2013.

"Just letting you guys know that Ingrid and I broke up," Luke wrote on Facebook.

let’s just say, You Tubers who are dating are #Relationship Goals like we’ve ever seen, and without the video website, they wouldn’t even know each other exist! meet until August 2012 at another YT event called Summer in the City (Zoe actually waited on line to meet her future BF and his pal Marcus Butler)!

The pair quickly became friends, and frequently collaborated together and were featured in each other's vlogs.

#GOALS Hannah and Ingrid were one of the most-shipped pairs on the Internet before they confirmed their romance in September 2015, just three months after the beauty guru came out as gay in a super-emotional video.

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"We've actually been friends for a couple of years and then...

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