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Who is erin karpluk dating

Peter Mooney: I think Nick’s wrestling with it in the premiere and in a sense it will continue just in that they aren’t rookies anymore.

Nick especially, everyone has moved on, Traci’s a detective now and people are starting to get further and further into their careers. So much of the show I think rests on the chemistry of it and that’s been great.

The TV Junkies: Nick mentioned in the premiere that he is thinking about applying for ETF.

Is that something we’ll see him wrestle with further as the season goes on and does that mean he may be leaving 15 Division?

For the answers to these questions, as well as what other fun Season 6 holds in store for Nick, The TV Junkies talked to the man himself, actor Peter Mooney.

Mooney gave us his thoughts on a possible new gig for Nick, how things may play out with Juliet, given that viewers saw in the premiere episode she may actually be working for Internal Affairs, and his thoughts on a possible Season 7 of Rookie Blue.

TTVJ: Nick and Juliet have an interesting dynamic and a lot of that is due to the chemistry between you and Erin Karpluk. Is this something that Nick will start to catch onto?

PM: It takes him awhile because it’s one of those things where the audience knows even more than we do.

His idea at the beginning of the season is ETF and by the end of the season it may be something else. TTVJ: Juliet has this secret mission going on with her investigation into the corruption at 15 Division.The cop drama Rookie Blue returned Thursday night in Canada (it comes back to the States on June 25 on ABC), and along with it came a host of new problems and relationship issues for the officers of 15 Division.One officer in particular, Nick Collins, got quite the surprise when he found out the woman we last saw him kissing at the end of Season 5 was not only a cop, but one now working inside his division.Juliet (Erin Karpluk) may say she has a strict “no cops” dating policy, but Nick still seems to be interested in 15’s newest officer.Could things change if he leaves 15 Division and applies for ETF like he mentioned in the premiere?

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It’s great to have such a big, massive complication to anything that could happen between them.

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