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Jewelers call the inclusions , or “garden,” because they look like a wilderness growing within the crystal.

As noted by the gemologist Robert Webster, emeralds are so commonly flawed that a ‘clean’ emerald is said to be unknown.

The Wall Street Journal has spread the news of Panetone’s choice for color of the year for 2013: Emerald.

Accordingly, the deep green hue reflects beautifully the gem after which its named, but I find the gem itself to be a natural wonder and one of my favorites.

Though remnants of the mines are few, the two main emerald mines, one called Sikait and the other Zubara, are both found on different slopes of Mount Smaragdus, or “Emerald Mountain.” While emeralds in antiquity were mined in Egypt, India and Austria, the most famous and best emeralds, however, are found in the renowned triumvirate of Colombian mines: Muzo, Coscuez, and Chivor.

Naturally, this location was also the same area from which the myth of gold-rich El Dorado had sprung.Thirty years later, the best emerald mine in history was discovered sixty miles north of what is now Bogota: Muzo.The most notable historic figure, and most likely the first, to have adored and acquired a vast amount of emeralds is the glamorous Cleopatra.So enthralled with the gem, Cleopatra even had her own diamond mines in Egypt, filled with men whose lives were dedicated to finding jewels for her.Owing its green color to trace amounts of chromium, this most valued member of the beryl family derived its name Emerald “(via Old French: Esmeraude and Middle English: Emeraude), from Vulgar Latin: Esmaralda/Esmaraldus, a variant of Latin Smaragdus, which originated in Greek: σμάραγδος (smaragdos; “green gem”).” (via).

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Scoring a 7.5–8 on the Mohs scale, emeralds are highly included and thus their toughness is usually deemed poor.