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Custom cases in all sizes." "43 West 24th Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10010.

Manufacturer of shipping containers, ATA, Series II, Series III style cases. Email: [email protected] of the Ableton Live software package for recording, editing and performance." "PMB 323, N.

Web: Studio Grade Speaker Cabinets & Amps for Live Sound Focusing on Professional Musicians.

Also, maker of Morley wah pedals and footswitches." "161 South 8th Avenue, City of Industry, CA 91746.

Full-service supplier of bags and hardshell cases." "3120 Banksville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15216-2721.

Distributor of Roland V, Weltmeister, Excelsior, and Concerto MIDI accordions. Manufacturer of both Concerto and Prelude digital/acoustic accordions. Sponsor of the Las Vegas International Accordion Convention." "670 Nuttman St., Ste 103, Santa Clara, CA 95054. The firm is actively involved in all aspects of the accordion, including accessories and parts. importer and distributor for Borsini, Burini, Piermaria, Concerto, and Sonata accordions as well as Orla keyboards and modules. Bass, Keys, Guitar, Electronic Drums, PA & Monitors. Repairs of acoustic, electronic, and MIDI accordions. Repairs of amplifiers, keyboards, and electronic musical instruments. The company can install MIDI in any accordion." "1760 South 450 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84115-1841. Also manufacturer of Mic-7, a premium pickup system for accordions, as well as various MIDI products for accordion.

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Manufacturer of the world-famous Accutronics spring reverb, used in quality amps throughout the world. It can put its resellers in touch with more product categories than any other U.

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