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Who is tom arnold dating

He was diagnosed as chronically depressed and unsafe around weapons.

Yet he was able to get a concealed weapon permit from the state of Iowa and buy five guns," Arnold continued. He refused my offer for help with that as well as his mental illness, so I was very concerned.

Ariel Castro took the "p**sy" way out when he decided to hang himself in his prison cell ...

so says Tom Arnold who tells TMZ the guy shoulda been strung up by his balls.

Last fall, when I saw on Facebook that he had joined a crazy, racist, neo-Nazi (I'm Jewish, as is my mom) gun group and videotaped himself showing off, drunkenly shooting his assault rifle and calling President Obama the N-word, I headed to the airport to go see him." Arnold explained that he doesn't feel Spencer was actually a racist, he "was tired of feeling small" and "wanted to be a part of something dangerous and cool." And whether or not anyone was OK with it, Spencer got to keep his guns despite his mental state.

NEWS: Matt Damon Talks Gun Control: 'We Need to Evolve' On May 2, Arnold's nephew called a girl he was dating and the two of them got into a disagreement.

As a hunter, farmer and former meat packer, guns have been a part of my life since I took 'Rifle Range' at YMCA camp when I was 5," the 57-year-old actor and father of two wrote.

The "Sin City Saints" star penned an emotional editorial, published in The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday, detailing his own 52-year history with firearms and the tragic story of his mentally unstable nephew, Spencer.

"Like most people who grew up in rural Iowa, I am a gun owner and a supporter of the Second Amendment.

"but it's the p**sy way out."Arnold says the country needs to focus on supporting Castro's victims -- but says, "If I know women, they'd want him hung by his balls."True.

Actor Tom Arnold is arguing for gun control in the wake of his nephew's suicide.

Arnold was at LAX today when we asked how he felt about the evil Ohio kidnapper, rapist, scumbag taking his own life this week.

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"If his victims are fine with it, then I'm fine with it," Arnold said ...

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