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Who played the theme music on the dating game

The theme music itself was revolutionary and the original theme has been re-arranged many times but it is still recognisable as a vital part of the show.Certain sound effects associated with the show are equally iconic, including sounds associated with the Tardis and the Daleks.Doctor Who has now passed its 50th anniversary in 2013.Even though the programme was off our screens for a few years, that's still a lot of episodes.Doctor Who's music might be played by a small group of performers or it might be created on synthesisers, and today it is the norm for the music to be recorded by a symphony orchestra.In this article we look in more detail at the music and sound world of Doctor Who and the people who have created it.To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show, there will be a number of soundtrack releases old and new, starting with "The Caves of Androzani" and "The Krotons".For more details about these releases as they are announced, skip to 50th Anniversary Music Releases.

Though they created music and effects for many productions (such as "Quatermass and the Pit" and "The Goon Show") electronic sounds were most often associated with Science Fiction on both the big screen and on television.

If you include movies & specials, spin-off series, video & audio stories, and a ton of fan material, there are many, many hours of viewing time dedicated to the Doctor.

Right from the start of the programme, music and sound have been a key part of the series.

The incidental music has evolved and changed more often than the Doctor himself, and many respected composers have worked on Doctor Who stories including Richard Rodney Bennett, Tristram Cary, Stanley Myers and Francis Chagrin.

In the early days the music might be stock tracks from the BBC vaults, or weird electronic sounds and sometimes pushing the boundaries of experimental techniques.

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So it was almost inevitable that there would be such a close relationship with Doctor Who, and many members of the workshop received credits on the programme for the music or the sound effects and frequently both.

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