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Young cam sites

Animal cams are almost always seasonal, which means for part of the year there are no animals!

Animals often migrate, or do not hang around the cam if there is no food source (the salmon left) or the babies grew up and flew away. : "Tiny remote cameras, called webcams, can relay live, up close, and intimate scenes of wildlife onto the internet and your computer.

The other is an ambush predator: slow and patient, with one of the strongest bites on Earth. Arctic Wolves are not a seperate species, but living up in permanent snow country they are better off being snow colored (white). Going in Animal Cams and Holidays Baby Rhino’s Walk Will Make You Smile!A live stream has been set up in Katmai National Park, Alaska so you can watch the bears live. Bird Cams This is part of the All About Birds site of the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology (ornithology is the study of birds).From here you can access 13 webcams all over North America: Bison Cam at Plains Bison Water Hole "Bison are the largest indigenous land mammal on the North American continent.Baby elephant learns to use her trunk in this short video. Watch as Matimba bravely takes a walk with one of the centre’s staff. " From The Rainforest Site Bear Cam at Brooks Falls, AK The salmon run - the time when salmon, which have migrated from the ocean, swim to the upper reaches of rivers where they spawn on gravel beds.This is a major event for many predators, particularly for bears which gather in great numbers to feast on the salmon.

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"The video shows Savannah running at full speed and in slow motion.

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