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Yunho dating

michael jang used inha to launder the mafia's money.24 episodes In-ha (Lee Byeong-heon) was born as an orphan and lived a rough childhood with his fathers friend who was a gambler.Then, he meets Su-yeon (Song Hye-gyo) and falls in love with her.

NO IDEA.heard from my sis's friend cause shes a kdrama fan too The English subtitles are terrible on this!I don't think anyone needs or expects perfect subtitles, but these were bad to the point of being distracting and ruining the mood, almost.While Su-yeon studies in the US, she receives Jung-won's help and later marries him after a long courtship.Eventually, In-ha returns to Korea, but Su-yeon's heart aches for In-ha who suddenly appears. In-ha and Jung-won(Ji Seong) get entangled in a an once-in-a-lifetime battle...On the other hand, most MBC dramas have great subtitlesinha and jonggu proved their innocence to the courts (remember their murder case? they've been doing their investation and they found out that jungwon's father and his right hand man (his last name's yang.

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